The Undersea Spa Hotel neighbors the World of Joy and Water World and is a cost-effective resort hotel of food and beverage, conference, chess and accommodation, including 66 courtyard detached villa clusters, 56 business rooms and 7 courtyard spa villas which are enough to accommodate the guests. The villa clusters are divided into “double-room courtyard villas”, “three-room courtyard embassy villas”, “three-room river-view presidential villas” and “courtyard family villas”, ranging from 135m2 to 390m2 and each one has 2 to 6 bedrooms respectively. Other than the necessary infinite network, oversize LCD television and audio system, the villa is also specially equipped with private spacious terrace, private spa bath in-and-outdoors, chess room (in some villa type), private kitchen (in some villa type) and conference room (in some villa type). What’s more, the hotel has recreational facilities such as spa world, state-level swim pool and fitness center, etc. for need of feeding, accommodation and recreation.

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